Fulvio CRUCIANI Full Professor of Genetics, Department of Biology and Biotechnology “Charles Darwin”, Sapienza University of Rome. Director of the PhD Program in Genetics and Molecular Biology.

Research interests mainly concern different aspects of the human genetic diversity and evolution.
Main research lines:
– The Y chromosome as an evolutionary marker for the study of African and European populations;
– The role of the gene conversion in the evolution of the human sex chromosomes;
– Forensic applications of the human genetic diversity;
– Patterns of diversity and linkage disequilibrium in the human genome;

68 papers published in international journals and 5 book chapters (1994-2022)
Total cites: 5528 (Scopus); 9027 (Google Scholar)
H-index: 33 (Scopus); 38 (Google Scholar)
Research Evaluation (VQR 2004-2014): All articles evaluated as excellent (score 1.0)
Listed among the Top Italian Scientists (http://www.topitalianscientists.org/top_italian_scientists.aspx).

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